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I started working on this website in 1999 as our family was preparing to move overseas. We needed a cheaper way to call long distance. I spent a long time on the Internet looking for the best options, and I was impressed. I never realized it was so easy and cheap to use the phone.

This website began during that process. I created a page to share about the best services that I had discovered. Then I just kept adding and updating.

I used to think of long distance as an obstacle, but now I enjoy the freedom to call family and friends on the other side of the world. We don't worry about the cost, because rates for most countries have become so cheap.

I am an independent representative for most services featured here. I seek this kind of relationship with providers that I like and want to represent. Contact me if you ever have an issue or concern with any of these providers and I will take note.

Thanks and happy calls,

Andy Gray