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Phone services for international business, organization, and professional users

Communicate directly with your customers, clients and partners around the world with a US-based phone system

Cloud-based phone services for international offices and organizations based in the USA

Business phone systems are increasingly cloud-based, and they are international by default. Cloud-based systems are ideal for linking US and international offices and for routing calls to staff who are on-the-move. Plus, moving from an old-school line-based system to the cloud will likely save you money. RingCentral Officeelegantly connects offices and organizations based in the USA with offices and staff abroad. You get outstanding features, very low rates, and advanced call management all controlled by computer.

International local and toll free call forwarding services for small offices and professionals

You may be working abroad, or running a small office, and not in need of an office system. But you still need a way to route incoming calls. There are different options depending on your budget and needs.

RingCentral Professional is a call forwarding service with professional features and very low international rates. It costs a bit more than the options below, but if you spend enough time on the phone you will recover the cost.

Kall8 provides US local and toll free numbers forwarded worldwide with very low upfront costs and rates. The monthly fee starts at just $2.

UWT costs slightly more than Kall8 but includes a couple of business features professional users might appreciate.

For more details, see this toll free and call forwarding comparison of RingCentral, Kall8 and UWT

Basic VOIP

Phone Power is a US-based VOIP phone service that you can use to receive AND originate calls at very cheap rates. This might not meet the needs of an organization, but it may be the best choice for a small office or professional working abroad. All you need is a high speed Internet connection. Plug-in an adapter, and the service works like a regular phone. The key difference is that the phone number will be a USA local or toll free number. Anyone in the USA can dial it just like a regular US number. And you can make unlimited (over very cheap) calls to the USA depending on which plan you choose. Since there is a monthly fee for this service, it's best for high volume callers who need these features.

International callback service

International callback service is not a desirable option for business callers, but in some cases it's the only way. This type of service is used in countries with monopoly phone systems that charge crazy international rates.

Have you ever called someone and asked them to call you back, because the rates were so much cheaper that way? Callback services work like this. You trigger a "call back" from a switchboard in the USA. You receive the call and dial the number you want to reach at a reasonable rate. Learn about international callback here.

United World Telecom (UWT) is a proven provider of high quality international callback services. If you need the best callback service, choose UWT.