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International business phone options from big to small

Choose a cloud-based phone system to network offices in the USA and abroad, or find a service for professionals on the move with excellent features and extremely low rates. Cloud-based systems offer both high quality and extreme savings.


Scroll down to compare options depending on the size and calling patterns of your business or organization. Solutions range from choosing a different long distance carrier to cloud-based services that cover all the bases.

Cloud-based phone services

More and more business phone systems are moving to the cloud. Cloud-based services are very affordable and have plans to suit any size business, office, or professional worker on-the-move.

Change your office system: Are you looking for a better way to connect your organization? RingCentral elegantly networks offices and employees within the USA and abroad. You get a cloud-based phone system with advanced call management all controlled by computer.

Call forwarding: You may not need an office system, just a better way to connect yourself and your staff at home and on-the-move. RingCentral Professional is a business-class toll free and call forwarding service that handles multiple incoming calls with the highest quality features and performance -- and the cheapest US and international rates in comparison.

Basic VOIP

Phone Power is a VOIP phone service that originates and receives calls with many professional features built-in. It's not the best service for a complex office or organization, but it's a cost-saving option for a home office involved in international work and business.

Long distance carriers

A small business or organization may simply need to switch long distance carriers. Telna is an excellent choice with very cheap rates, quality services and support, and extras like a toll free number you can manage online. Unless you have a high calling volume or need multiple incoming lines, Telna may be your best choice.

Using your cell phone to make and receive cheap international calls

Some of the cheapest international rates available are via phone cards, and now you can get those incredible phone card rates for your cell phone with minimal hassle.

Nobelcom offers eye-popping rates with prepaid virtual phone cards that are easy to recharge online. Now get an app for your smart phone as well. These truly are amazing rates, and Nobelcom is a proven company. Even so, read the details carefully for expiration dates and city-specific rates that may differ from country rates.

Telna Mobile gives you a new way to cut global roaming charges. Next time you travel abroad, consider getting a global roaming SIM. It's easy to use with much cheaper rates than your cell carrier wants to charge you.

Simple toll free numbers

Toll free numbers are surprisingly easy to create and manage. Don't just think about a toll free number for an office or a fixed location. You can get one for your cell phone and manage it online. Get off the plane, pick up a local SIM card, then go online and forward your toll free number to the new international number. It's simple, it's feature packed, and the rates are downright cheap.

You aren't limited to US-based toll free numbers. Both UWT and Kall8 offer international toll free numbers based in specific countries around the world. International toll free numbers are also easy to create and manage online.

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