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Telna Mobile can provide you with a global roaming SIM that's easy to use with much lower roaming rates than your cell carrier.


Kall8 provides local and toll free numbers that you can forward any phone in the world. Setup is easy and rates are cheap.

Toll free phone numbers

UWT also provides local and toll free numbers with call forwarding. The cost is slightly more, but you get multiple lines to prevent callers from getting busy signals or dropped calls.

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Grow Your Business with RingCentral

RingCentral Professional is a business-class service offering professionals local and toll free numbers with calll forwarding. This is the choice for those who require total reliability and the best caller experience.

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Three tips to save on global roaming when traveling with your cell phone

Did you hear about the Florida woman who returned from two weeks in Canada to a $201,000 bill from T-Mobile? Many people have been surprised by roaming charges of thousands of dollars. If you think even $200 would be a disaster, read on for some simple tips for using your cell phone on the road.

1. Be very, very careful about using any cell phone when you travel, even if you're just going to Canada. Be very sure that your iPhone or smart phone will not access the Internet unless you want it to.

You can easily accrue $10,000 in roaming charges in a day. Your carrier is supposed to warn you, but the warning may be too late. Some horror stories are due to apps accessing the Internet without the users being aware, even when Internet access was supposedly disabled. T-Mobile, AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon love global roaming. Don't make their day!

2. Go local. Get a local SIM card for your cell phone, or buy a cheap local phone and use it in the host country.

This is the choice for many seasoned travellers. With a local SIM card in your phone, or a local phone, you can make and receive phone calls within the country you are visiting at local rates. It may or may not be economical to make international calls, but you can at least stay in touch with text messages.

Requirements: a local SIM card and a local phone or an unlocked cell phone (must be multi-band and match the local standards where you are going)

Pros - Best for communicating within the country, useful for local hotels, transportation, meetings, etc.

Cons - Local phones may have high international rates or high rates for people trying to call you internationally.

Tips - Research the rules and rates attached to getting a local SIM before you go or on your first trip, or ask for help from a local. Can foreigners get a local phone/SIM? Must they show a passport? Will the SIM ever expire? What are the local cell phone standards (in case you plan to bring your own unlocked phone)?

3. Get a global roaming SIM card

Make it easy on yourself. While you're still on the plane, change to a Telna Mobile SIM card with affordable global roaming. Now you can make and receive calls to and from home at reasonable rates starting when you get off the plane, and people back home can reach you by calling a local US phone number.

Requirements: a global roaming or international SIM card like the one from Telna Mobile, an unlocked cell phone (must be multi-band and match the local standards where you are going)

Pros - Very convenient, instantly works on arrival, an easy way to communicate with people from your home country, you can still use free wi-fi hotspots to connect to the Internet

Cons - Not as convenient for making calls within the foreign country as a local phone, your normal phone number won't work, cheap but not the cheapest rates, requires taking out and storing your usual SIM card (unless you have a dual SIM phone), you won't have constant Internet connectivity

Tips - Consider getting a dual SIM multi-band phone if you want your normal phone number to work, or if you want to put your roaming SIM and a local SIM in the same phone.

4. Get a US local or toll free number with forwarding

Create a local or toll free number in the USA using Kall8, UWT, or RingCentral. Travel to your destination country. Get a local phone number (see #1 above). Then have your US-based local or toll free number forwarded to your new international number. The incoming calls will be charged to you at cheap rates. UWT and RingCentrallet you manage your toll free number online. Kall8 requires a phone call to customer support.

Requirements: a local phone or local SIM card, Internet access or a phone call to manage call forwarding

Pros - Give people at home a local or toll free phone number in advance which they can use to reach you when you are traveling, get cheap rates for incoming calls, keep the number and use it throughout the year and every time you travel

Cons - You need to get a local phone or local SIM (see #1 above), not as convenient as a global roaming SIM

Tips - Use the service all the time. Forwarded local and toll free numbers are very useful. If you are going to use it for business or professional reasons, consider using a business-oriented service like RingCentral.

Compare the toll free services of Kall8 vs UWT vs RingCentral