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Telna review, long distance carrier

If you are paying high rates for long distance, then it's time to change. The discount carriers compared here are high quality and very cheap, and Telna stands out among them.

Long distance carriers comparison

Overall impressions

Telna has some of the cheapest international rates of the carriers I've compared. What I appreciate is that they offer these low rates without any monthly fee. Unless you rack up lots of long distance minutes, Telna will cost less than a carrier that charges a monthly fee. I also like that Telna's website has always been well designed, easy to use, and upfront. They offer one plan. It's simple, cheap, and without any hidden costs. Even the rates are simple. I love the 4.8¢ rate to so many countries. Telna uses 1 second billing increments, so they don't sneak in extra charges by rounding up calls to the nearest minute. And they offer useful extra features if you need them: toll free numbers for personal or business needs, lower rates for your cell phone, etc.

Int'l Rate Examples

Brazil 4.8¢
Canada 4.8¢
China 4.8¢
India 4.8¢
Israel 4.8¢
Italy 4.8¢
Japan 4.8¢
Mexico 4.8¢
Nigeria 13¢
Philipp 16¢
Russia 7.9¢
Korea 4.8¢
Spain 4.8¢
Taiwan 4.8¢
Thail 4.8¢
UK 4.8¢

Rates as of 8/2014

Calling plans, rates and fees

4.8¢/min plan -
It's not the cheapest flagship rate in my comparison, but the 4.8¢/min rate is one part of a very attractive long distance plan. Just look at all the countries you can call for 4.8¢/min. And calls are billed in one second increments. That means you are paying for the actual length of each call, rather than calls being rounded up to the nearest minute as some carriers do.

You get all this with no monthly fee. Optionally, for 99¢ per month, you can request paper billing statements in the mail. Statements are available to view online, and payment is by credit card or auto-debit from your bank account.

Business users -
Telna is a great choice for your business phone service, especially if you make lots of international calls and/or travel abroad. Telna has excellent customer support, and they have extra features you may want to use. Telna Mobile helps you save on global roaming charges when you travel with your cell phone, and for a small fee you can add a toll free number. Forward to any phone or cell phone in the USA or worldwide with Telna's low rates for incoming calls. You can even track incoming calls online in near real-time.

Customer support / user experience

Telna doesn't give customers the run around. If you have an issue, you can call customer support and speak with a live person, or send an email if you prefer.

Extra features

Toll free numbers

Telna offers incoming toll free number service with no setup fee and a 99¢ monthly charge. Incoming calls are billed at Telna's low rates. Toll free numbers are great for businesses, but many people use them for personal reasons, too.

Telna will forward you toll free number to any phone number you specify. You can have incoming calls directed to your cell phone, or use it as a cheap, convenient way to call home when your on the road (or give it to your kids while they are at college, etc.).

Telna Mobile and Dial-Around

Telna Mobile is for international travellers. Telna will give you a SIM card that you can take with you when you travel to get good rates wherever you go. Telna Mobile offers very significant savings compared with typical global roaming charges.

Telna dial-around service is a quick, easy way to get Telna's cheap international rates using your cell phone.


Most casual long distance callers will save money with Telna and appreciate the simplicity, overall excellence, and good customer service. High volume callers might save more with different carrier or by using a VOIP provider.

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