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In the USA

Compare three toll free service providers for personal and business toll free forwarding: Kall8 vs. UWT vs. RingCentral

Discount long distance carriers comparison chart
Compare three of the leading discount long distance carriers.

How to get a simple or business-class toll free number (800, 888, 877, 866) for your home, cell phone, office, or travels.

Telna review
A review of Telna, a high quality discount long distance carrier

Tips for US-based international callers trying to choose the discount long distance carrier

VOIP versus cell phones versus land-lines comparison chart
What is your best option for international long distance

Outside the USA

Cheap international roaming rates for your mobile/cell phone
Finally, you can take your own mobile/cell phone with you when you travel and get reasonable roaming rates with Telna Mobile.

International callback services introduction

Three ways to save on global roaming charges when traveling with your cell phone

Uniting World Telecom (UWT) Review