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Home and mobile long distance phone services especially for international callers

With these services you can stop worrying about calling long distance, even to the most expensive international locations. Make cheap, high quality connections from your phone and cell phone and over the Internet by VOIP.


The services on this page give you very cheap rates with great quality and good customer support. The rates vary depending on where you live and where you call most frequently, so if you see a service you like, go to the website and check it out more thoroughly.

Discount long distance carriers

Long distance carriers like Telna may cost more than Internet-based services like Skype, but you can't beat the convenience and call quality of picking up a real phone connected to a land line. Telna has zero monthly fees, so unless you are a high volume caller, Telna will be cheaper than a carrier with a lower flagship rate. Read more tips for choosing a long distance carrrier here.

Phone cards and cheap international calling from mobile phones

For a long time phone cards have offered unbeatably cheap international rates, and now it's more convenient than ever to get those rates on your mobile phone. It's as simple as dialing an access number or opening an app.

Nobelcom is a great place to find a phone card with incredibly cheap rates. Phone cards don't tend to inspire great confidence just looking at them, but Nobelcom has been a respected company in this business for many years. Now they even have their own app.

VOIP phone services

If you have a high speed Internet connection and make a high volume of long distance calls, then a VOIP service may be your best choice.

VOIP services offer free calls within the USA and very, very cheap international phone rates. Use VOIP with your regular phone, except it will be plugged into an Internet connection rather than a phone line. You don't have to connect anything to your computer. On the downside, VOIP services have monthly fees, but some people get VOIP and give up their standard residential phone lines for a net savings.

Phone Power (VOIP) versus Telna (land line) versus Nobelcom (virtual phone cards) comparison.

Personal toll free numbers

Get your own personal toll free number and use it to forward the incoming calls to any phone or cell phone in the USA or worldwide. What a great way to help your family, friends reach you when you're on the move.

United World Telecom and Kall8 are dedicated toll free number providers that are easy to set up and excellent for both personal and business purposes. Sign up and get a toll free number (800, 888, or 866) with no additional obligation. If you sign up with Telna (see the top right side of this page), you can get a toll free number with call forwarding included.

For more details and to help you choose the best service for your needs compare the toll free services of Kall8 vs UWT vs RingCentral.