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Do UWT services work with cell phone numbers?

Yes. Rates may be higher for toll free forwarding or callback with international cell phone numbers.

What are the international rates?

Select different country combinations on the sign up page in order to check the rates.

Do rates change?

Not often, and only when there is a reason, such as a change in the rate UWT has to pay for a route.

Can I get an international toll free number?

International toll free numbers refer to toll free numbers based in other countries outside the USA. You can get a toll free number in China, for example, or choose from many other countries. However, you cannot get a generic international toll free number that works in any country.

What is the relationship between UWT and Dial-Abroad.org?

I work closely with UWT. I can help customers who sign up through the links on this site add features, make changes to accounts, and get support if there is ever a problem working directly with UWT. Reach me at:

United World Telecom (UWT) toll free and international callback services

UWT provides high quality international phones services with cheap rates in the USA and abroad

UWT became popular due to their international callback service, which is still the best. Then they added US and international toll free number services with the same attention to quality and savings. Scroll down for details and brief reviews.

UWT Toll Free Numbers
with Global Call Forwarding

UWT provides US-based toll free numbers (or local numbers) that you control online and forward to any phone number in the world with low rates for the incoming calls. The basic service costs $2.95 to setup and $5.95 per month, plus charges for incoming calls. UWT has added many business-class features, some that you have to pay extra for. It's a solid toll free forwarding service geared for individuals, families, and business users.

To see a list of UWT's features and sample rates, see this toll free forwarding comparison with UWT and two other services.

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UWT International Toll Free Numbers
with Global Call Forwarding

UWT also provides international local and toll free numbers in a long list of countries besides the USA. You can also manage your international toll free or local number online and forward it to any phone number in the world. The rates for international numbers are significantly higher than the rates for US-based numbers, but it's a very useful service nonetheless.

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International callback service

People who live in countries with excessive international calling rates depend on UWT to get the cheapest rates available. Callback services route calls through the USA in order to save. (Learn more about how callback works here.) If you live in a country with few options to save, UWT's international callback service may be just what you need.

Pros: relatively cheap international calling rates worldwide, quality connections, good customer support, see call details online in real time, no sign up fees, no minimum usage requirements, and no hidden fees.

Cons: callback services are not as convenient to use as other types of services

UWT has worked diligently over the years that I have known them to provide high quality services and responsive customer support. Now UWT is the leading international callback service worldwide for good reasons.

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