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The services on this page are respected and time tested, and one may match your needs. If you are looking for business and professional services, one of these may work for you, or see more options here.

International VOIP phone service

VOIP phone services provide an adapter that plugs directly into a high speed Internet connection. You use the service with a regular phone, so it's very easy. With VOIP you get clear connections, unlimited or very cheap calls to the USA, cheap international rates, and lots of features. First, you get a local phone number in the USA. You choose the area code, and anyone living in range of it can reach you with a local call. Other features include voicemail, call forwarding, fax sending and reception, and more. VOIP services have monthly fees, so they are often best for high volume callers.

International roaming and virtual phone cards

Phone cards have long provided the cheapest international rates whether calling from home or abroad. Most people no longer buy actual "cards." Most services work through an access number or an app. Nobelcom has incredible deals on virtual phone cards. Nobelcom provides services via access numbers or their own app.

If you want to use your own mobile phone when you travel, consider getting a global roaming SIM card from Telna Mobile.

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Get your own toll free number

It's easy to create a toll free number in the USA that you manage online and forward to any phone in the world. The toll free number costs as little as $2/month, plus you pay low rates for the incoming calls. Toll free numbers make it easy for people to reach you, especially family members and friends who are overwhelmed by the idea of dialing an international number.

International callback

Have you ever called someone and asked him or her to call you back, because they had a much cheaper rate? International callback services work this way. First you trigger a callback (prompt the service to call), and then you answer and follow voice prompts to dial a number. It's not the most convenient type of service, so it's used by people in countries with very high international rates and lacking better options. UWT is the leading callback service. It's cheap, reliable, and works worldwide.

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